Yellow bellied water snake!

Hahaha, man, this is weird! I found a picture I liked, and I started preparing it, and preparing the links, and I was like “wait, this name… this name rings a bell.” It’s a photograph by the person Emi showcased yesterday, The Horned Jack Lizard! Man, this is the third or fourth time this weekend I’ve had a weird coincidence like this happen.

Yellow bellied water snake! Most snakes look cool when they’re cute. This one just looks dopey! It kind of reminds me of the goombas from the Super Mario Brothers movie. Man, those things are uglorable!

Also, I think I barely made it out of that title tag alive. That closing center tag posed a more difficult challenge than I had expected. I probably should have wrote it in caps, so some of the letters would have been flatter, and easier to walk over. Except a capital “N” would kind of be a really bad trap. Also… I really hope people get that this is a joke, and not think that I’m rambling like an insane person.

Via The Horned Jack Lizard’s photostream!

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#1 Emi on 02.12.07 at 9:41 am

Told you he has cool herps.

#2 Mandie on 02.22.07 at 4:37 am

Your joke about the letter-trap was awesome.

Oh yeah, and I guess the rest of your website is okay…

#3 Kento on 02.23.07 at 8:23 am

I’m glad somebody got it >.>