You talking to me?

Some things you find looking through the 100 most recent uploads are actually really good!

I wish I knew what kind of fish it is, but I’m not that good……

Via robstephaustralia’s photostream.

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#1 Boodie on 03.03.07 at 4:11 am

ermm, i think its a parrot fish maybe?

#2 Kento on 03.03.07 at 3:54 pm

I don’t think it’s a parrot fish (though I’m no expert on fish), but parrot fish are actually a good idea…

#3 Boodie on 03.04.07 at 4:04 am

hehe, neither am I, i know i’ve see something like that before.

#4 AnrokkuZaHikari on 03.23.07 at 6:15 pm

Isn’t that fish out of water? Doesn’t that make it dead? :-(