I think I win!

Jellyfish don’t have faces, do they?
But then, I don’t know that jellyfish are exactly ugly either… I guess some people probably think they are. It’s kind of like “I kind of think that’s pretty, but I don’t really know why because all it is is a gelatinous thing floating around with tentacles that can sting you….”. So I guess they’re kind of ugly in that they are not really anything else…. That may be stretching it, but whatever.
The point is, it doesn’t have a face AND it’s cute!

There’s something very charming about a little jellyfish by itself. I can just hear it saying “I’m going on an adventure!”.

Via 1of@kind’s photostream.

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#1 Kento on 03.05.07 at 1:27 am

I thought about that, actually, but they’re way too pretty.

#2 Boodie on 03.05.07 at 4:31 am

i always thought the little jellyfish in Finding Nemo was adorable ‘i shall call it squishy, and it shall be my squishy’

#3 Emi on 03.05.07 at 12:27 pm

“I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy. Hello little Squishy… Ow! Bad Squishy!
(yeah, I’ve seen that movie too many times)

As for them being too pretty, you might be right…. I would have been better off looking for a lions mane jelly. Those are kinda ugly……

#4 Emi on 03.05.07 at 10:42 pm

My mom found someone who thought this was ugly…….
I win! :)