“Happy Easter Fish”

I was looking through my logs, and found that somebody had found the site looking for “happy easter fish.” APPARENTLY, if you type that into Microsoft Live Search, this is the first site that comes up. Unfortunately, Uglorable.com does not have any happy easter fish! That is, until today. M… maybe.

I made the mistake of asking some forum goons for some help and this was the best that they could come up with:

anthony michael lol blurs the line between a dream coming true and living a nightmare:

ABS Soul Lute Lee made this for some reason:

HarryLerman reminds us why you don’t send out easter cards:

I also found this picture of a easter island fish petroglyph taken by an Ian Sewell:

And that’s it! I’ve gone from not having any “happy easter fish” on the blog to creating the world’s first blog on blas…fin…y. Herring-tics? Sacr…gil…idge…

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