crazy creepy colombian caterpillar

All I know about this picture is that it was taken in Colombia, and that it is simultaneously beautiful and kind of scares me.

Via Ana Maria Rincon’s Flickr photosream.

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#1 Mom on 03.25.08 at 6:12 pm


#2 Dave Janecek on 04.22.09 at 10:11 am

Careful !
That could be one of those with poison glands and sharts to inject it.

#3 Dave Janecek on 02.01.10 at 9:33 am

That should be “shafts” to inject the poison; urticating hairs and spines (setae). From personal experience – the effect of the white caterpillar with violently red hairs in Barrancabermeja is similar to the poison of a 12 in. wide Southern stingray’s barb.
The South American Lonomia species is probably the most lethal.