Sunday, April 27th, is World Tapir Day!

Apparently April 27th is World Tapir Day!

The [uglorable] mascot of world tapir day.

From their press release:

    World Tapir Day has been established to raise awareness about the four species
    of tapir that inhabit Central and South America and South East Asia. Each of the
    four species is in decline and is threatened by human activity such as mining,
    deforestation, farming and hunting.
    Tapirs play an important role in their ecosystems and are one of the oldest
    surviving genera in the animal kingdom, but despite their size, history and
    ecological importance, tapirs remain one of the least recognised species of
    animals. In comparison with other animals, tapirs feature little in the collective
    consciousness and are frequently misidentified by zoo visitors. Even in their home
    ranges, tapirs receive little attention, with exotic species featuring more
    prominently in zoos, children’s books and the media.
    The plight of tapirs is symbolic for the wider threat to their habitats specifically, and
    the world’s ecology in general. The decline of tapir populations is indicative of the
    general health of their ranges – their disappearance from their home ranges often
    marks a point of ‘no return’ for the natural environment. The destruction of forests
    into small, isolated enclaves and the encroachment of human activity into pristine
    forests affects all native species. However, as the largest – yet one of the most
    secretive – of animals in their ranges, tapirs’ disappearance is often not noticed
    until it is too late.

Tapirs are really neat, wonderful creatures. All four species of tapir are either endangered, or vulnerable of becoming endangered. It’s great to see efforts to raise awareness!

They’ve also got a cafe press store, profits of which go to support the Belize Zoo’s conservation program. I wouldn’t normally think of getting a cafe press shirt, but the mascot is so cute!

Link to the homepage of World Tapir Day

Thanks Anthony!

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#1 andreanna on 04.18.08 at 1:00 am

I love Tapirs. They are adorable and I think related to guinea pigs. I love the way they look with their little deer legs and their piglet bodies. :D