Picked-on Canary

From the Flickr photo description:

    he is such a sweet baby, but he got picked on by some other birds and caused some damage to his feather folicles so [I] adopted him , he still sings pretty , I call him my vulture canary. 

It’s really nice that somebody would choose to care for a bird that’s been hurt this way!

Via Sharon Taylor’s Flickr photostream.

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#1 Nickolas & MaryEllen on 08.29.08 at 2:18 pm

Hi, I have two that went through the exact thing!! I was told they would die. Not being an expert on the birds I looked up what would keep them alive and what could kill them. So I did the right thing, I gave them fresh vegies like brocolli and green leafy foods plus hard boiled eggs and a good source of fresh water they lovee bathing daily. They love flying aroung and rousting over the kitchen area where it is warm. the also love apples, rasberries oh and if I bake anything watch out they love cookies and meat too! Especially chicken. If I don’t put it away they will get into it . very resourceful the two of them have become. they know where I keep the food and they are not stopped by must when it comes to getting what they like to eat. They like cake too….but I must say one Henry can fly like the dickens and he seems to be the dominate of the two bright yellow…..Porthos is smaller and does not fly as well but boy they do have the singing on them My son trys to play his games and just can not for the two cannaries sing much louder than the games.
thanks …Oh and i have had them now going on 7 years.

#2 wolf lover on 11.24.08 at 2:02 pm

Thats so sweet you rescued him =)