They’re not evotis, but they’ll do

What with physics, being out of town, physics, more physics… Been a bit busy, but I’ll try to post again!

I’ve been on a mission to post my favorite local bat, the Myotis evotis, but have so far been unable to find a picture that I like and have the rights to use. So I settled on a different local Myotis, the Myotis lucifugus. I do believe we caught some of these during the training I was on, though I don’t think I personally caught any (I mostly got evotis and volans).

Via Sophro’s photostream

I can’t help but wonder how they IDed them as Lucis, since lucifugus and californicus are pretty much indistinguishable.

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#1 Laura from Oregon on 07.09.08 at 2:43 am

yay! you’re back! I was sad without any uglorable critters to enjoy.

#2 Garrett on 10.03.12 at 10:21 am

The calls are little different. If you plot the full-spectrum calls on a sonogram, typically you’ll see the Lucifugus down to 35 kHz with a more horizontal curve, whereas Californicus is typically around 40 Khz with a more vertical hockey-stick shape.

#3 Emi on 10.03.12 at 5:22 pm

Yeah, but you’d have to have the equipment to record and analyze it… Not something your average person has.