Blizzard, the White Bison

A white bison in Canada.

Pigmentation deserves to be the topic of a great series of posts. Albinism is the relative lack of a specific common pigmentation, melanin. Leucism is the relative lack of all pigmentation. This bison appears not to be an albino, but a leuc— a leuco? Leucic? Leucist? Well, this post has been derailed. Leucid? Euclid? Lucario?

A white bison standing in the snow.

You can read more about white bison on the Wikipedia article titled “White Buffalo“.

Photo credit found by clicking on photos. Thanks Matt!
Apologies to anyone who googled “euclid lucario.” This is not what you wanted. I doubt what you want exists anywhere.

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#1 Mary on 01.16.12 at 2:38 pm

Actually the bison is albino though not 100% albino since eyes are dark. Albino only removes melanin(dark pigments) it leaves the yellow/orange colors. This bison’s fur is orangish here so is albino. Leucism removes all pigments so the orange would not be left.

Both albanism and lecucism can be whole or partial.

#2 maniacal_engineer on 12.28.12 at 3:46 pm

this is what you want

#3 maniacal_engineer on 12.28.12 at 3:47 pm

And I think albinos usually have red eyes. by that standard this guys is not an albino, but is leucistic
But I don’t knw for sure – just going by what i read