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David Attenborough with Manatees

Heck. Yes.

It used to be the BBC didn’t allow embedding of their YouTube videos. BUT NOW THEY DO. And they have a really good video up from David Attenborough’s The Life of Mammals.” (Amazon Link)

David Attenborough. One of my five favorite people. Manatees. One of my five favorite animals. Oh man.

Where am I going to write my opinion that being drowned by a manatee is the cutest way to die? Because it totally is and I want to put weird things in this blog even though the real purpose is to look at pictures and stuff.

Amazon links help the site financially. Supposedly. (I’d put Amazon links to my top three favorite Attenborough series, but The Private Life of Plants has never been released on Region 1 DVD. WHAT THE HECK. The other favorite in my top 3 favorite Attenborough series is Life in the Undergrowth, which is under $20 and it is the BEST EVER OK. This disclaimer thing is far less focused than I intended.

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My Friend, The Aardvark

So I now realized I made the “Aardvarks Are Our Friends” reference before.
But I can’t resist this girl.

I am currently at a hotel in Washington with the Fisheries & Wildlife Club, after a day at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.
We got to meet a bunch of the education animals, and this was one of them. Tilly, the aardvark, was awesome. We got to pet her, then feed her a meal worm! We had to make a tube with our hands, then she stuck her tongue in and licked us, trying to get the worm!


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Aardvarks are our friends!

Been sick, sorry… I’ll try to get Kento posting again, so we can get regular posting back! I’ve been busy, and I have a midterm this week… And then next week is busy, then another midterm week…. So yeah. Sorry.

To make it up to you, some cuddly looking aardvarks have agreed to be our friends!

Via tim ellis’ photostream.

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Heheh, I’ve been working on a secret project that I can announce tomorrow! But I found a picture that’s pretty exciting too!

Man, this is such a funny shot.

Via Sean McCann’s photostream.

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