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Champ, the dog

I’m told this dog looks like me.

If you don’t know what I look like, you’ll just have to imagine how I must look.

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Caplin Rous, Capybara in the House

Oh man, oh man, oh man. I did not realize capybaras could be kept as pets.

Caplin Rous is a domesticated capybara living in Texas. He’s multi-talented, knowing how to sit, swim, and Twitter.

If that’s not good enough look at him as a baby.

I wish I could put title text on youtube videos because that’s the perfect place for me to hide a terrible line like “everything’s bigger in texas.”

Caplin Rous’s blog.
The capybara’s twitter.

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What’s the deal with blue tongues?

Blue and blue-black tongues occur in several animals.

Blue-tongued skinks are named after them.

Via Bill Hughes’s Flickr photostream.

Some rattlesnakes have them.

Via The Horned Jack Lizard’s Flickr photostream.

The members of giraffidae, the okapi and the giraffe, have them.

Via djhinrich Flickr photostream.

Via zeandroid’s Flickr photostream.

And it’s one of the most notable features of the chow chow.

Via budak’s Flickr photostream.

I doubt there is a common explanation for all instance of blue tongues. The Wikipedia article on Northern Blue-Tongued Skinks says that they “have a bright blue tongue that is often used to warn off or startle predators.” While it’s clear they’re not closely related at all, it seems like a plausible explanation for the rattlesnake as well, as their “rattles” are also used to warn off predators.

It’s hard to imagine that’s true for the members of giraffidae and the chow chow though, giraffes being so tall it’s difficult to imagine any predators even seeing the tongue, and dogs usually being predators not prey. The page on giraffes on the San Diego Zoo’s website says “some people think the color is to keep the tongue from getting sunburned,” which I guess might be possible, but it doesn’t seem to explain its relative the okapi, which I imagine wouldn’t have too much risk of getting sunburns, as its short enough to get shade from tree cover, and lives in the rainforest, where there often isn’t too much sunlight that reaches the ground anyway. I wasn’t able to find an explanation for the okapi’s tongue color, most sources were more interested in the fact that they were able to lick their own ears.

I wasn’t able to find an explanation for the chow chow either, but I imagine that it’s due to human controlled breeding.

My favorite explanation for all of these tongues though is that they just eat blueberries.

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Dog, Cat, and Rat

This isn’t the kind of stuff I normally post, but it’s pretty :3

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I plan to change web hosts today, if anything weird happens, that is probably why! If all goes well, there won’t be a thing to notice but faster page loads!

Edit: I’m sorry for all the trouble this has caused! I have decided to move back. I guess this was another learning experience???

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Picked-on Canary

From the Flickr photo description:

    he is such a sweet baby, but he got picked on by some other birds and caused some damage to his feather folicles so [I] adopted him , he still sings pretty , I call him my vulture canary. 

It’s really nice that somebody would choose to care for a bird that’s been hurt this way!

Via Sharon Taylor’s Flickr photostream.

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Democracy Dog

There was a very large political rally in my hometown of Portland, Oregon yesterday, and I wanted to see what the crowd was like. I wasn’t looking for anything to post here, but I really like this picture!

Via Ryan Harvey’s Flickr photostream.

(I’m all for political discourse and activism, but please don’t make any political comments, a comment made on an animal blog is not going change anybody’s mind.)

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shar pei par-tay

anti botox brigade

Originally uploaded by emdot

I’m testing the Flickr “BLOG THIS” feature. I kind of like the way we do it more, the pictures are too small! Oh! But speaking of Flickr, you should join the Uglorable Flickr group! We’ve only got two pictures in our pool right now, we need your help!

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big baby bird

I’m supposedly a grown man, but this kind of thing always makes me squeal.

From the description on the photo’s Flickr page:

    Beemer is a blue-fronted Amazon. I got him from Bob Wheeler when he was 2 weeks old and raised him as a birthday present for my husband Jeff. Rowdy is a Pacific parrotlet. From the first time he saw Beemer, he somehow recognized that this creature towering over him was a baby, and began trying valiantly to feed him. Here he’s preening Beemer’s baby feathers.

I just think this is so great.

Via Ruth Roger’s Flickr photostream!

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Tiny Tamandua’s Titanic Toenails

At first it seemed peculiar that somebody would be keeping an anteater as a pet (to be honest, it still does, reminds me a bit of the third act of this episode of this american life) however it seems “Tamandua Girl” manages to take care of the creates rather well. Her photographs of the animals living in a human’s world are very surreal, but that’s what’s great about them.

This is “Pua” as a baby.

Via Tamandua Girl’s Flickr Photostream

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