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Fallen Bat

From the Flickr photo/macro description:

    Bats can’t launch from a flat horizontal surface, they need to fall first. Normally you should leave a healthy, grounded bat to crawl up something in order to launch itself, but in this case the bat was a healthy juvenile pipistrelle and in a house with three cats… I launched it out of the window before they found it.
    Never handle bats without wearing gloves and always consult a bat expert before you do anything. Bats are a protected species in the UK and are very difficult to care for.
    Seriously; if you find a bat in distress, call a bat expert, they won’t mind!
    Need help with a bat?
    Call the Bat Helpline
    0845 1300 228
    [UK Number]

I wasn’t able to find a similar number for people in the United States, but please, please, be careful around bats. My grandmother was once bit by a bat, and she can tell you, rabies shots are not a nice thing.

Via Steve Brace’s Flickr Photostream! (Third Steve in a row!)

Emi’s Update:
In the US contact your local Bat Working Group (elsewhere I’m sure you can contact a bat conservation organization and they can help you out). Unfortunately the national Bat Working Group website is down, so I can’t link to it, but I’m sure you can pull up a local Working Group or conservation organization pretty easily on google…

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moose macro

Never ask a moose “why the long face?” SERIOUSLY.

Via Jennifer Simpson’s Flickr photostream

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Walrus Macro

A few weeks ago, I found an photograph that Emi took of a group of walruses, and I thought it could be used so perfectly as the climax for the epic Bucket Saga.

I sent it to I Can Has Cheezburger, a blog that my sister and I have a love-hate relationship with (mainly I love it, she hates it), hoping they’d post it on their site, but they haven’t yet. Perhaps I shouldn’t have sent it as an attachment, perhaps they just get a lot of emails (it’s amazing, they’re less than three months old, but they get at least 25,000 hits a day, and they’re about to be reach the top 1,000 blogs on Technorati’s ranking system), but they haven’t posted it yet.

I kind of like it a lot, so I thought I’d share it.

Update: lol lukit sweet rite?

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More-ay macros. … I am so, so sorry.

Oh no, I can’t seem to stop.

This isn’t an image macro blog, I swear.

Emi’s going to kill me…

You can look at the originals by clicking the images. Okay, okay, I’ll… stop.

Via Nemo’s Great Uncle’s Flickr photostream!

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Dragon Moray

Ahahahaha, I love it when a creature is both interesting and has a funny expression on its face.

But of course, as a product of the internet, I can’t let this one go without making an image macro…

Via Nemo’s Great Uncle’s Flickr photostream!

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