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Pesky otters

This is another picture from Point Defiance. I could go into detail on how the Asia exhibit works, but pretty much the day we were there the river otters and tapir enclosures were connected.

There were only two of us FWers that got to see this, but we got a kick out of it!

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My Friend, The Aardvark

So I now realized I made the “Aardvarks Are Our Friends” reference before.
But I can’t resist this girl.

I am currently at a hotel in Washington with the Fisheries & Wildlife Club, after a day at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.
We got to meet a bunch of the education animals, and this was one of them. Tilly, the aardvark, was awesome. We got to pet her, then feed her a meal worm! We had to make a tube with our hands, then she stuck her tongue in and licked us, trying to get the worm!


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The Tanked Trio

These guys look they should be singing acappella or something.

I took this picture at the High Desert Museum in Bend, OR.

Kento’s Dumb Update:
Remind me a bit of these guys from Banjo-Kazooie.

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What are you looking at?

This guy was hanging out on a wall outside of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum!

Of course we got excited about seeing animals outside of captivity. It was a pretty cool lizard, too!

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Coyote is after you!

And here’s the roadrunner, the other animal I decidedly had to see over Spring Break!

He was way in the back of the enclosure, which was sad… But the picture turned out decent. Silly looking buggers, roadrunners!
Of course, taken at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

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There were two things I decided I needed to see during spring break. One was a roadrunner, and one was this beauty…

Another picture from the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum!

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These things are really interesting….

Blue crabs are pretty cool. We found this one at the estuary near Puerto PeƱasco in Mexico during Spring Break. We got to go out there with someone from CEDO.
This crab had attitude! Trying to catch it was a whole bunch of excitement in itself… There was a lot of chasing in a creek involved (those fin-like back legs make it FAST in water!), and when Emily grabbed it it pinched her.
Then when we released it, which is what the picture is… It just sat there and started eating!

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I have lots of rather uglorable lizard pictures…. I think about half of the pictures I took that I decided qualified as uglorable are lizards. But hey, they’re just uglorable creatures, I guess!
That, and there are a lot of them in Arizona.

Another Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum picture!

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Well, a few days ago I got back from an AMAZING week of awesomeness in Arizona and Mexico.
One of the good things I achieved… More Uglorable photos!

Took this picture at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Amazing place! If you ever get the chance, go!

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Walrus Macro

A few weeks ago, I found an photograph that Emi took of a group of walruses, and I thought it could be used so perfectly as the climax for the epic Bucket Saga.

I sent it to I Can Has Cheezburger, a blog that my sister and I have a love-hate relationship with (mainly I love it, she hates it), hoping they’d post it on their site, but they haven’t yet. Perhaps I shouldn’t have sent it as an attachment, perhaps they just get a lot of emails (it’s amazing, they’re less than three months old, but they get at least 25,000 hits a day, and they’re about to be reach the top 1,000 blogs on Technorati’s ranking system), but they haven’t posted it yet.

I kind of like it a lot, so I thought I’d share it.

Update: lol lukit sweet rite?

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