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Happy birthday, Uglorable!

Uglorable is 5 years old today.

And in honor of its birthday, a lumpsucker!

Lumpsuckers are a favorite among fish & wildlife students. They have a little suction cup on them, so they stick to stuff.

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Planktonic Mola mola

I’m taking Ichthyology right now, and my professor showed a picture of a baby ocean sunfish in class. Apparently they have up to 300 million babies at a time. And they’re tiny and planktonic and uglorable.

a baby ocean sunfish

I will probably be posting fish for a while…. A lot of them are pretty uglorable.

(click for photo credit)

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Moose, moose, moose!

Can I keep using Physics as an excuse for not posting? Well, only one more week of it… Hopefully after that I’ll get back to posting. Kento is getting ready for some international travel, so I don’t know when he’ll be back posting. We’ll see.

Anyway, my friend sent me this video, and I just had to post it.

The music selection is odd. I wrote a song about moose once, and those who know what I’m talking about probably hate me now for bringing it up… It probably would have worked a little better for this video, besides the fact that it’s annoying and, well, I wrote it, if you can even call it writing. It’s essentially a line containing 12 words repeated over and over again.
This video is much better than my moose song though. The quality isn’t the best, and the music choice is odd, but how can you go wrong with three moose and a sprinkler?

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They’re not evotis, but they’ll do

What with physics, being out of town, physics, more physics… Been a bit busy, but I’ll try to post again!

I’ve been on a mission to post my favorite local bat, the Myotis evotis, but have so far been unable to find a picture that I like and have the rights to use. So I settled on a different local Myotis, the Myotis lucifugus. I do believe we caught some of these during the training I was on, though I don’t think I personally caught any (I mostly got evotis and volans).

Via Sophro’s photostream

I can’t help but wonder how they IDed them as Lucis, since lucifugus and californicus are pretty much indistinguishable.

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Dumbo Octopus

Hey look, I’m alive!

We were talking about cephalopods in invert bio the other day, and I decided I had to post a dumbo octopus on Uglorable. Now that I’m done with midterms, I’m finally going to do it.

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I’m taking Invertebrate Biology right now (awesome class). Today my professor lectured about rotifers, and showed us this:

I laughed so hard I almost cried.
Rotifers are the smallest metazoans, ranging from about 0.1 mm to 1 mm.

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Pesky otters

This is another picture from Point Defiance. I could go into detail on how the Asia exhibit works, but pretty much the day we were there the river otters and tapir enclosures were connected.

There were only two of us FWers that got to see this, but we got a kick out of it!

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My Friend, The Aardvark

So I now realized I made the “Aardvarks Are Our Friends” reference before.
But I can’t resist this girl.

I am currently at a hotel in Washington with the Fisheries & Wildlife Club, after a day at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.
We got to meet a bunch of the education animals, and this was one of them. Tilly, the aardvark, was awesome. We got to pet her, then feed her a meal worm! We had to make a tube with our hands, then she stuck her tongue in and licked us, trying to get the worm!


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The Tanked Trio

These guys look they should be singing acappella or something.

I took this picture at the High Desert Museum in Bend, OR.

Kento’s Dumb Update:
Remind me a bit of these guys from Banjo-Kazooie.

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In honor of the victory…

So sorry it’s been a long time…. I’m moving, Kento is moving, I have finals, work, all that good stuff… We’ll do our best to try and keep up a bit more though!

I did find time yesterday to head over to the Beaver baseball game over in Coleman Field… The game against the University of Michigan Wolverines.
The Beavers won, of course, sending them to Omaha for the third year in a row… But in honor of the Wolverines, who played a pretty good couple of games, I’ll post this.

Via Henrik Djärv’s Photostream.

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