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Blizzard, the White Bison

A white bison in Canada.

Pigmentation deserves to be the topic of a great series of posts. Albinism is the relative lack of a specific common pigmentation, melanin. Leucism is the relative lack of all pigmentation. This bison appears not to be an albino, but a leuc— a leuco? Leucic? Leucist? Well, this post has been derailed. Leucid? Euclid? Lucario?

A white bison standing in the snow.

You can read more about white bison on the Wikipedia article titled “White Buffalo“.

Photo credit found by clicking on photos. Thanks Matt!
Apologies to anyone who googled “euclid lucario.” This is not what you wanted. I doubt what you want exists anywhere.

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Pierre, the sharply dressed penguin

This is kind of impressive!

This NPR story notes how old Pierre is for a penguin:

    In the wild, penguins live about 15 years; in captivity, they live to about 20. Pierre turned 25 in February.

He’s also looking a lot healthier in the video than he did in the story’s photograph:

Thanks Violet Dragon!

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“Happy Easter Fish”

I was looking through my logs, and found that somebody had found the site looking for “happy easter fish.” APPARENTLY, if you type that into Microsoft Live Search, this is the first site that comes up. Unfortunately, Uglorable.com does not have any happy easter fish! That is, until today. M… maybe.

I made the mistake of asking some forum goons for some help and this was the best that they could come up with:

anthony michael lol blurs the line between a dream coming true and living a nightmare:

ABS Soul Lute Lee made this for some reason:

HarryLerman reminds us why you don’t send out easter cards:

I also found this picture of a easter island fish petroglyph taken by an Ian Sewell:

And that’s it! I’ve gone from not having any “happy easter fish” on the blog to creating the world’s first blog on blas…fin…y. Herring-tics? Sacr…gil…idge…

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Silly fishy

My dad took this back in, I believe it was 2002, at one of the three aquariums we went to when Kento and I were in Japan.

It’s an ocean sunfish!

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