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Screech Owl

Via Gerry’s Flickr photostream.

Thanks Kimberly!

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Cute Cockatiel Chick


Thanks to Kimberly!

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hooked chinook

I’m thinking that pretty soon I’ll get a haircut. See, whenever I go get a haircut, I have to wait behind a few people who talk to the barber about big fish stories. Plus my hair just looks ridiculous.

Stuka sent me a picture of a fish he caught at Lake Drano on the border of Oregon (w00t) and Washington (boo (I’m not actually so sure there’s a real Washington vs. Oregon rivalry, but we should totally start one. Come on, it’ll be fun! We’ll tease you for calling yourselves “Washingtonians” and you can tease us for… nothing. Because we’re awesome.)), and I was like “whoa, that fish has the exact same expression on its face as the one Emi posted yesterday.”

It’s a 40 pound beauty, a chinook salmon. Apparently the capture of the fish even got a newspaper story in a Yakima, Washington, newspaper.

I asked, and he did confirm that, in fact, this fish was crazy delicious.

Thanks, Stuka!

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Wow! We have our first submission!

Vanessa of Uber-Galaxy (:o They just happen to be a project wonderful sponsor too! Awesome!) sent in this awesome picture of the face of a guitarfish taken at the COEX Aquarium (the English site can be found here) in Seoul, South Korea!

I might also add that the creature in Vanessa’s latest comic is, dare I say, uglorable?

Thanks, Vanessa!

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