March 2008 Update: Probably the best way to submit pictures is to join the Uglorable Flickr group!

If you have pictures of animals that are both ugly and adorable at the same time, or are just cute in an unconventional manner, please submit them!

Old version (still relevant):
Are you a photographer, or have a uglorable pet, or… I don’t know??? Want to submit something to Uglorable!?

Make sure you’re okay with these conditions! (They’re not bad, we promise! But read them and be sure you’re cool with it!) And then pop us an email!

By sending an email to , the submitter agrees that:

1. We at Uglorable! may use or alter any content submitted to us in anyway we see fit, for profit or otherwise, whether just on this blog, or if we decide to produce other media with this content, without any licensing fees, or any other form of debt to the submitter. (This does not mean that you can not continue to distribute your content however you wish, it’s yours. We just don’t want to get in trouble for using it.)(Also if we are ever in a position to publish a book, or something equally unlikely, it would be a lot easier for us to just make the book without having to negotiate terms with everybody. We would attribute, we promise!)

2. Other media sources may use the submitted content how they see fit in promoting Uglorable! (We don’t want other blogs to get in trouble for wanting to post a picture that they liked on their blog.)

3. The submitter is responsible for making sure that Uglorable! may use the image in the matter described in section 1 and 2. (Make sure you were the one who made the content, or make sure the person who did is okay with these conditions. There is no way for us to be sure that you’ve done this, so we don’t want our heads chopped off because of it. Kento+Emi-Heads≠Uglorable. Kento+Emi-Heads=Ugly. And possibly hilarious. But being sued is never hilarious. NEVER. Well, except for when it’s poetic justice, like a counter-sue.)

Phew! So submit your content to:
Make sure to include your name, and a link to whatever site or blog you may own. We can not guaranty that we will fill your plug for you, just because we don’t want to link to anything adult or inappropriate in nature, but otherwise yeah, there won’t be an issue.

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