the coolest guy

I saw this picture, and I had no idea what it was of. I thought it was perhaps a photoshop, or perhaps an eocaecilian, but it turns out eocaecilians are EXTINCT. Bummer for them, and my identification of whatever this is. The filename was dog-248.jpg, but I was also pretty sure it was not a dog.

I had to use TinEye image search (full discloser I think TinEye is pretty neat) to figure out it was a Mexican mole lizard, also known as the ajolote lizard, although when I searched for other pictures of it, it was either the same picture (so it could have just been mislabeled) or the picture was of a completely different animal.

But then I found a video, which is obviously of the same thing. It is really cool. BUT THE OWNER DISABLED EMBEDDING. Why would anybody do this? HERE IS A LINK TO IT ANYWAY, because it’s cool. Only 324 views in two months. It deserves better than that.

Thanks Mr. Self Destruct of the Something Awful forums for finding this picture. Although I would also like to thank the person who took the picture, but tineye couldn’t help me find the photographer. ALSO, video owner person: don’t disable embedding!!! I almost didn’t use your video because of that, and I only ended up using it because it is like, way cool. But disabling embedding: totally not cool?

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