Saiga Antelope and EDGE

Via Frank Wouters’ Flickr photostream.

Via the Wikimedia Commons

Grace, in a recent comment on the blog, pointed me to an MSN article featuring 10 species from the EDGE (Evolutionary Distinct and Globally Endangered) of Existence conservation program. (As I am American, I can’t get myself to write “programme.”) It is a very neat program that aims at preserving species that are the most endangered and the most distinct from other species, both physically and behaviorally.

As I did not want to spoil on anything on MSN’s list, I chose to show pictures of a species I really like that was not featured in the article, the saiga antelope.

Link to the MSN article.
Link to the EDGE of Existence program’s homepage.
Link to EDGE of Existence profile of the saiga antelope.

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