Two hedgehogs

Two hedgehogs held upsidedown in a hand, one a baby.

Hedgehogs spines are specialized hairs, and it looks like baby hedgehogs are born with hair where it counts.

Photo credit unknown. Thanks Wess!

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Baby Tamandua

This baby anteater is the greatest thing I have seen in weeks.

I wish I had a scale like that, I might be less reluctant to check my weight.


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Mother’s Day ’09


mother and baby mountain goats

mother and baby black rhinoceroses

swallow regurgitating

mother cow licks calf

(Photo credits in links!)

Mother’s Day 2008
More baby animals and their mothers.

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Caplin Rous, Capybara in the House

Oh man, oh man, oh man. I did not realize capybaras could be kept as pets.

Caplin Rous is a domesticated capybara living in Texas. He’s multi-talented, knowing how to sit, swim, and Twitter.

If that’s not good enough look at him as a baby.

I wish I could put title text on youtube videos because that’s the perfect place for me to hide a terrible line like “everything’s bigger in texas.”

Caplin Rous’s blog.
The capybara’s twitter.

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Baby Ostrich

Via Nick Lawes’ Flickr photostream.

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I plan to change web hosts today, if anything weird happens, that is probably why! If all goes well, there won’t be a thing to notice but faster page loads!

Edit: I’m sorry for all the trouble this has caused! I have decided to move back. I guess this was another learning experience???

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Baby Moles

I really like subterranean animals, but there are so few good pictures! I was surprised to find out that these moles were alive after the photographer found them while gardening. They look so vulnerable!

(I’m getting better at predicting what taxa an animal may belong to, but for the first time in a while, I still had to look up the superorder of a mammal, I wasn’t sure if moles were Euachontoglires, the superorder that includes rodents and primates and their allies, or Laurasiatherians, which is composed of, among other things, bats, carnivorans (cats, dogs, walruses, etc), pangolins, and ungulates), or if they were a member of a completely different superorder. It turns out they are a member of Laurasiatheria, in the order Soricomorpha (which also include shrews and the rare solenodon), which seems to mean they’re more closely related to whales, bears, and bats than any mouse. WELL, NOW I KNOW THAT.)

Via Tracy Lee Carroll’s Flickr photostream.

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Another Cute Tapir

The title the photographer gave this tapir was “sing a song.” If it is making a sound, I wish I could hear it! I love tapirs but have no idea what they sound like. I think it looks more like the tapir is just taking a breath after a refreshing drink though.

Via Suneko’s Flickr photostream.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! Here are a pair of mother and baby animal pairs!

Via CuteOtters.Com!

And my pal Rick wanted me to post this one:

If you’d like to see more mother/baby pairs this Mother’s Day, there are five more pairs in this recent post!

(Sorry this is brief! I’m a little behind on things!)

(also, hi mom! i guess!)

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Scrawny Tawny Owls

My grandmother’s favorite animal is the owl! Maybe this will make up for posting bats.

Photo via Nick Lawes’ Flickr Photostream!

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