Fallen Bat

From the Flickr photo/macro description:

    Bats can’t launch from a flat horizontal surface, they need to fall first. Normally you should leave a healthy, grounded bat to crawl up something in order to launch itself, but in this case the bat was a healthy juvenile pipistrelle and in a house with three cats… I launched it out of the window before they found it.
    Never handle bats without wearing gloves and always consult a bat expert before you do anything. Bats are a protected species in the UK and are very difficult to care for.
    Seriously; if you find a bat in distress, call a bat expert, they won’t mind!
    Need help with a bat?
    Call the Bat Helpline
    0845 1300 228
    [UK Number]

I wasn’t able to find a similar number for people in the United States, but please, please, be careful around bats. My grandmother was once bit by a bat, and she can tell you, rabies shots are not a nice thing.

Via Steve Brace’s Flickr Photostream! (Third Steve in a row!)

Emi’s Update:
In the US contact your local Bat Working Group (elsewhere I’m sure you can contact a bat conservation organization and they can help you out). Unfortunately the national Bat Working Group website is down, so I can’t link to it, but I’m sure you can pull up a local Working Group or conservation organization pretty easily on google…

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Soooo, did you know that if you google the VERY REAL WORD “uglorable,” you get ZERO search results? This has to change! Nothing could be more awesome than things that are ugly AND adorable!


Via Duncan’s “Unbearably Cute” Flickr set!

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