Blue Dragon Sea Slug

I’m working on a post I’m anxious to have done, so I’ll just quote the photo’s description on Flickr:

    my brother and i found one of these guys floating in a rockpool the other day, looking for all the world like a little blue chinese dragon. i’d never seen anything like it and i had absolutely no idea what it was at first. but i applied my considerable (ahem) natural history talents and came up with an answer – turns out it IS a blue dragon, a pelagic sea slug which floats about the ocean on its back (that’s it’s belly and foot you’re looking at) feeding on blue bottles. so very cool, is it not?

Via Doubtful Guest’s Flickr photostream!

(I apologize for the site’s weird behavior as of late. It’s probably not the greatest idea to play around with settings on a live site! I will perform a minor software update tonight, then post a (arguably major) project I’ve been working on.)

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