Caplin Rous, Capybara in the House

Oh man, oh man, oh man. I did not realize capybaras could be kept as pets.

Caplin Rous is a domesticated capybara living in Texas. He’s multi-talented, knowing how to sit, swim, and Twitter.

If that’s not good enough look at him as a baby.

I wish I could put title text on youtube videos because that’s the perfect place for me to hide a terrible line like “everything’s bigger in texas.”

Caplin Rous’s blog.
The capybara’s twitter.

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The Tapir’s Capybara Pillow

Last week Emi posted a picture of a malaysian tapir being kept awake by otters. Today I found a picture of a new world tapir actually being assisted in its sleep by a different kind of semi-aquatic mammal!

I’m not sure why the capybara is allowing the tapir to use it as a pillow. Does anybody know if these two species have a special kind of bond? That’d be neat! The idea that these two individuals just have a special bond is pretty cool too!

Via Kate Goodacre’s Flickr Photostream

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