Pygmy Chameleon

From the Flickr description:

    After Farl’s gorgeous shot of the little Brookesia in Madagascar, I thought I’d share an old shot I have one of one of my little ones.
    It’s not the same, taking pictures in the backyard… but I’ve had these little guys as pets for years… (Farl, it’s more a geeky thing to know what I do ;-) ).
    Anyways, this is a Rhampholeon brevicaudatus one of the dwarf chameleons from the main African continent. It’s about 3/4 full grown, and perched on my finger.

Via Ian’s Flickr photostream.

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Crudely Concealed Chameleon

Perhaps the title is misleading, as it’s most likely not trying to hide, but considering the chameleon is popularly known as a lizard that changes its colors for camouflage, these colors seem rather wild.

Via Curnen’s Flickr photostream.

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