Frigate Birds

Via Andrew Miller’s Flickr photostream.

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Scrawny Tawny Owls

My grandmother’s favorite animal is the owl! Maybe this will make up for posting bats.

Photo via Nick Lawes’ Flickr Photostream!

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five uglorable animal babies and mothers

It’s only a little over a month away until Mother’s Day! (My mother reads this, and as I’ve never done anything for the holiday aside from intentionally try to forget it was Mother’s Day, I’m sure she’ll be shocked to know that I know when Mother’s Day is!) I thought I would start collecting some pictures of mothers with their uglorababies, but already I’m finding it difficult not to just post what I’ve found! These pictures are so cute!

“Kisses!” by Lisa Dugger

“Mother bison and calf” by Tambako

“Red-knobbed coot with chick” by Coyotos

“Giant anteater and baby” by Douglas Fisher

“Tapirs.jPG” by Paul Huber

Now I’m going to have to find some more pictures!

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Not-so-old coot

A person on The Amazing Regret Index and a person on the Something Awful forums both independently said “coots are uglorable” sometime in the past week. I haven’t heard anybody else mention any animals, so why not post a coot.

This coot chick appears to be resting its head on its mother. I will probably be posting a couple more of these soon, there are a few great pictures of coots.

Via Freebird4′s Flickr Photostream.

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big baby bird

I’m supposedly a grown man, but this kind of thing always makes me squeal.

From the description on the photo’s Flickr page:

    Beemer is a blue-fronted Amazon. I got him from Bob Wheeler when he was 2 weeks old and raised him as a birthday present for my husband Jeff. Rowdy is a Pacific parrotlet. From the first time he saw Beemer, he somehow recognized that this creature towering over him was a baby, and began trying valiantly to feed him. Here he’s preening Beemer’s baby feathers.

I just think this is so great.

Via Ruth Roger’s Flickr photostream!

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