Sleeping hippos

I featured a picture by Tambako before in a post that also happened to have a picture of a baby hippo with its mother. I had not realized that they too had taken a picture like this.

Like these wonderful hippos, I must sleep!

Via Tambako’s Flickr photostream.

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Hippo in a sea of vegetation

The photographer notes:

    This large “Hippo Pool” was totally covered with this green vegatation through which hippo’s would pop up to breath.
    It made getting a good shot of them very difficult and with them “blowing” almost impossible.

Via Picture Taker 2′s Flickr Photostream!

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five uglorable animal babies and mothers

It’s only a little over a month away until Mother’s Day! (My mother reads this, and as I’ve never done anything for the holiday aside from intentionally try to forget it was Mother’s Day, I’m sure she’ll be shocked to know that I know when Mother’s Day is!) I thought I would start collecting some pictures of mothers with their uglorababies, but already I’m finding it difficult not to just post what I’ve found! These pictures are so cute!

“Kisses!” by Lisa Dugger

“Mother bison and calf” by Tambako

“Red-knobbed coot with chick” by Coyotos

“Giant anteater and baby” by Douglas Fisher

“Tapirs.jPG” by Paul Huber

Now I’m going to have to find some more pictures!

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