Sand Shrouded Skink

I really like these pictures of this skink.

From Wikipedia:

    The Eastern skink (Scincus mitranus) is a lizard from the skink family (Scincidae). These skinks grow to a length of 20 cm, and have an orange-brown or sand-coloured back, and a white underside. On the side they have a line or spots in a light colour, and the back and legs have vague dark bands. The snout is shaped like a bill, and the legs and tail are short. The eastern skink can run quickly, or slide over the sand and dig itself in quickly when it is in danger. Its food consists of several kinds of arthropods, especially centipedes and beetles.
    This species lives in Saudi-Arabia and the UAE, in dry and warm open areas, particularly in sand deserts. Its habitat consists of dune-like areas, and hilly landscapes with occasional dense bushes and rocky patches to hide in. The eastern skink is viviparous, which gives it an advantage compared to other species in the area, as its eggs cannot desiccate.

(An animal described as being viviparous is an animal that gives live birth, and is nourished by the mother until birth, as opposed to laying eggs and having the yolk of the egg nourish them.)

Photos via Sophie and Matt Gunner’s Flickr photostream.

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Crudely Concealed Chameleon

Perhaps the title is misleading, as it’s most likely not trying to hide, but considering the chameleon is popularly known as a lizard that changes its colors for camouflage, these colors seem rather wild.

Via Curnen’s Flickr photostream.

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Brilliant Anole Dewlap

Although it’s being referred to as “a strawberry lizard” on the Flickr page, I believe it’s a kind of anole, and I’m not sure any anoles are actually commonly referred to by that name. Male anoles extend their dewlaps during courtship, and to intimidate threats.

Look at the way the scales break away on the dewlap. It’s Escher-eqsue.

Via Kenny P’s Flickr photostream.

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There were two things I decided I needed to see during spring break. One was a roadrunner, and one was this beauty…

Another picture from the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum!

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