The numbat is a marsupial in the order Dasyuromorphia, the order of the tasmanian devils, quolls, and thylacine (also known as the tasmanian tiger). It’s notable for being one of the only marsupials to be active during the daytime, its active hours matching the hours termites, its prey, are most active.

The numbat was found over most of Australia until European colonization. Being active during the day makes one more vulnerable to predators, and introduced species took advantage of the numbats vulnerabilities, eventually leading to their extinction everywhere but in a small area of Western Australia. Efforts to protect the numbat have proven successful however, and while the species is still considered vulnerable of becoming endangered, it is no longer considered endangered.

I kind of think the numbats markings resemble those of the thylacine, and I wonder if they have the same patterns because of their relation, or if it’s because of convergence evolution.

Via Nick Lawes’ Flickr Photostream!

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