Re: Pug Tongue

I hope this picture isn’t already on all of the cute/funny pictures of animals blogs. It’s one that I think people would love!


Via zoomar’s Flickr Photostream!

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pug hug

… hahahahaha

From the Flickr photo description.

    ok, i’m not licking her…but it does appear that way. just thought it [lick pugs not toads] was a clever title.
    as you can see i’m still acting dumb with her, but i had no choice she would stare at the ground unless i chanted “ginger gunna take picture!!”, stuck out my tongue and acted jittery with her. however doing all this and still managing to take an ok picture is extremely hard for someone such as myself, so that’s why i’m all cut out the picture.

Via Yngrich’s Flickr photostream.

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