Walrus sign in Otaru, Hokkaido

While my father was in Hokkaido (the large northern Japanese island), he took this picture of this sign:

walrus sign in otaru, hokkaido, japan

Walruses: heck yes.

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Phil Demers and Smooshie

Phil Demurs posted another video of the media’s coverage of his relationship with Smooshie the walrus. I think it’s the best story yet!

I haven’t seen anybody mention (although I’m sure many have) that “walrus” in French is “morse,” Polish “mors,” and in several other languages “morsa,” which I think sounds a bit like his last name, “Demers.” Phil de Morse?

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Kento’s Walrus Adventure, for the CD-i

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been really busy with my freelance work, and, well, Emi had been out of the country.

But look, I made something for you!

That’s… that’s me, by the way.

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Walrus Macro

A few weeks ago, I found an photograph that Emi took of a group of walruses, and I thought it could be used so perfectly as the climax for the epic Bucket Saga.

I sent it to I Can Has Cheezburger, a blog that my sister and I have a love-hate relationship with (mainly I love it, she hates it), hoping they’d post it on their site, but they haven’t yet. Perhaps I shouldn’t have sent it as an attachment, perhaps they just get a lot of emails (it’s amazing, they’re less than three months old, but they get at least 25,000 hits a day, and they’re about to be reach the top 1,000 blogs on Technorati’s ranking system), but they haven’t posted it yet.

I kind of like it a lot, so I thought I’d share it.

Update: lol lukit sweet rite?

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I got braces put on today, and my teeth hurt like heck…. So I’m posting something with big teeth…..

I took these pictures at Kamogawa Sea World in Japan.
Maybe the multiple pictures can make up for the lack of posting yesterday, and the late posting today…. Sorry!

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